Jazz Officers

The Jazz Council is a student-run organization made up of elected members of the Morris jazz ensembles and combos. The group is responsible for organizing and publicizing on-campus and off-campus jazz concerts, dances and events, keeping the jazz Web site updated and maintaining the jazz music library. They collaborate with the local community as well as other student-run organizations on campus to help provide the town of Morris with many opportunities to experience high quality jazz music. The Jazz Council’s outstanding work ethic and talent is best demonstrated by their efforts in the continuing success of the annual Morris Jazz Festival.

There are several positions within the student-run Jazz Council. All are elected the year prior to the current term with exception of the managers and members at large who are typically first-year students.


The leader of the Jazz Council under the director. Coordinates all council meetings and provides a weekly agenda for these meetings. Works with other faculty and staff on campus to coordinate various events put on by the Jazz Ensembles, whether it be concerts, dances, etc. During Jazz Fest, the Jazz Council president works with guest artists as well as high school band directors from around the state.


Serves as an assistant to the president of the council. The vice president carries out various duties that are delegated to him/her as well as helping the other members of the council perform various tasks.


Takes attendance at all meetings and events as well as documents the weekly council meetings as Jazz Council minutes. Minutes are sent out on a weekly basis to remind the council of upcoming events and other business. During Jazz Fest, the secretary will undertake other duties in addition to the ones stated above.


Handles the money aspect of the Jazz program. The treasurer organizes the ticket booth as well as merchandise tables.


Three managers are elected to the Jazz Council. A manager is elected for each of the performing ensembles—Jazz 1, Jazz 2, and Jazz Combos. The manager’s duties include setting-up and running sound for the Jazz Ensemble and Combo concerts, as well as Jazz Dances throughout the year. Managers also oversee the inventory of sound equipment.


Three Members at large are elected each year to the Jazz Council. One member at large will be elected from each performing group. Member at large duties include publicity items such as creating posters and poster distribution.