Why Theatre?

Is theatre right for me?

"EnglishAlthough my emphasis was in acting, the theatre program at Morris provides an excellent overview of everything that goes into making theatre happen, which is really important for anyone who plans to work in theatre. ”

—Dustin Engstrom ’01

At least twice per month, the entire Theatre Arts Discipline—students, faculty, staff, and supporters—gathers together for an informal session of discussion, workshops, presentations, or theatre games.

The theatre curriculum provides instruction in each of the major fields—

  • Directing
  • Acting
  • Design

Students then specialize in a given area through advanced coursework.

The English Discipline also offers related coursework in Shakespearean and Renaissance drama.

In the third year, theatre majors undergo a portfolio review and a para-programmatic experience that requires students to complete a project outside the discipline. 

  • Many students complete this requirement by directing, designing, or choreographing for local high schools and community theatres.

Students complete their theatre career at Morris with a senior project created in collaboration with a faculty member.

  • This may include acting in a major role in a discipline production, leading design duties on a main stage production, creating an original piece, or trying something no one else has. Opportunities are limited only by the student’s commitment and imagination.

Major requirements
Minor requirements
Finish in 4 years