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Academic Planning



Every spring, students meet with their academic advisers to create/update their long-range academic plan. Students discuss goals, choose classes, and explore academic options with their adviser to meet their future goals.



In October of every year an email goes out to advisers informing them of the upcoming spring registration dates. Students are also sent an email by the OneStop Office in October informing them of their appointment time. At this time, student appointment times also appear in their MyU portals. Appointments are based on total completed and in-progress credits.

Suggestions/notes for advisers regarding advising meetings with students:

  • Contact your advisees early in the semester to make academic planning appointments.
  • Encourage your advisees to sketch out a rough draft of their academic plan, become familiar with using APAS, and depending on the students’ academic level, encourage them to set a graduation plan.
  • Students who have completed fewer than 90 credits are required to meet with their advisers before registering. These students have a hold placed on their record. Once you have thoroughly discussed the students’ academic plan, you may lift the advising hold by emailing (include the student’s name and ID#).
  • Juniors are encouraged to meet with their advisers to plan for graduation.
  • Encourage your advisees to register on time and reach out to you with registration questions. Students should register online after their assigned time. Please encourage students to use the waitlist option if courses they want are filled.
  • For all advising resources see our new Advising Toolkit.