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Anthropology Career and Graduate Opportunities

  • UMM Students

The world is becoming smaller and more connected, while the United State is becoming more diverse. An understanding of multiple cultures is critical as our economic and social realities change.

Anthropology is an ideal background for students interested in any career that involves contact with diverse communities, whether working for a multi-national bank, a non-profit international development program, or helping to build communities right here in Minnesota.

Anthropology graduates from Morris have a world of opportunities available.
Higher degrees and academic careers are one option, and Morris anthropology majors have been admitted to many highly reputable programs in Anthropology, Public Affairs and Business. A partial list of institutions includes:

  • Bowling Green University
  • University of Chicago 
  • University of California-San Diego
  • the University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • the University of St. Thomas
  • the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
  • the Humphrey Institute

In the Anthropology Discipline, students master skills that are in high demand across many employment sectors as companies seek independent thinkers who have the ability to analyze complex information and deal with the unexpected.

Training in anthropology also cultivates leadership skills—like motivational strategies and skepticism of the status quo—that can help students rise to the top levels of whatever field they choose.

Morris Anthropology majors have entered careers in, among others:

  • Urban and regional planning
  • Museums
  • Zoological research and captive management
  • Agriculture
  • Research and evaluation for nonprofits
  • Grant development

With the rise of a rich and multi-dimensional media environment, a finely tuned ear for language and nuance is a competitive advantage. Anthropological training is especially strong in these areas. The listening and communication abilities students acquire—along with the sensitivity that comes from spending significant time in other cultures—mean Anthropology alumni have an enhanced capacity to negotiate intricate cultural situations.