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Application Needed

Education students must complete an application for the following scholarship and award:

Estelle Lee Scholarship

This scholarship was created through the estate of Estelle Lundring Lee, a longtime resident of Morris and friend of the Morris campus. The scholarship assists those planning to teach in elementary, secondary, or higher education in obtaining a multi-cultural experience outside of Minnesota. It covers the course fee charged for students who go outside the sixty-mile service area for student teaching.

Criteria: GPA 3.25 minimum, student teach outside of Minnesota in a culturally diverse school

Amount: $300

McCoy Kaufman Scholarship

One of four scholarships established by Edward Kaufman and the late Dorothybelle Kaufman of Appleton, Minnesota, in memory of their parents, the Kate McCoy Kaufman scholarship is awarded to a student majoring in elementary education. Students must have demonstrated academic excellence and potential in the field.

Criteria: GPA 3.0 minimum, 60 semester credits completed at Morris

Amount: $1,800

Renewable with academic progress

William R. Scarborough Memorial Award

Presented annually to a senior enrolled in either the elementary or Elementary Education program, this award recognizes a student's demonstrated competence and potential for becoming an outstanding member of the teaching profession. William Scarborough joined the Morris faculty in 1966, made many contributions to public education in Minnesota, and served as chair of the Division of Education until his death in 1979.


  • 2015 Theresa Peper
  • 2014 Claire Goodrich
  • 2013 Megan Domine
  • 2012 Casey Stott
  • 2011 Alex Madsen
  • 2010 Sarah Duffy
  • 2009 Audrey Nomeland
  • 2008 Brian Eberhardt
  • 2007 Andrew Spofford
  • 2006 Christina M. Rettmann
  • 2005 Katherine C. Nelson
  • 2004 Anne M. Droske
  • 2003 Bettina M. Mohn
  • 2002 John K. Oman
  • 2001 NeCol M. Cartier
  • 2000 Jessica M. Englin
  • 1999 DeEtte L. Tobias
  • 1998 May Lee Xiong
  • 1997 Lue Her
  • 1996 Kathy G. Severson
  • 1995 Lai John Alberts
  • 1994 Christine M. Berglund
  • 1993 Heather L. Myrom
  • 1992 Brian A. Harris
  • 1991 Suzette M. Westhoff
  • 1990 Diane B. Middendorf
  • 1989 Aleisha Y. Fuller
  • 1988 Matthew F. Deis
  • 1987 Jill M. Bregel
  • 1986 Lonnie J. Seifert
  • 1985 Hege B. Herfindahl
  • 1984 Joyce J. Vancura
  • 1983 Kathryn M. Schotzko
  • 1982 Darcy J. Rheingans
  • 1981 Jeffrey J. Houselog
  • 1980 Patricia J. Stamness