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Alumni Speaker Series

Speakers for 2015–16

  • Neil Mattson, Ph.D. ’00 – Associate Professor and Greenhouse Extension Specialist, Cornell University.  Visited November 2015.
  • Sonja Smidt Rehmann, RN, MN ’12 - Oncology Nurse, Sanford Health. Visited November 2015.
  • Katie Cannon, MD ’05 – Resident, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Pubic Health Department of Psychiatry. Visited March 2016.
  • Adam Girtman ’05 - Development Technologist, Proteomics Core Laboratory, Mayo Clinic. Visited March 2016.

Speakers for 2014–15

  • Levi Simonson '10PhD Candidate, Eisen Laboratory, Institute of Neuroscience-University of Oregon.  Visited September 2014.
  • Ian K. Brown '04Urban Forestry Technical Services Manager, City of Milwaukee-ISA Certified Arborist/Municipal Specialist.  Visited October 2014.
  • Maggie Baldwin, DVMSupervisory Public Health Veterinarian, USDA-FSIS. Visited November 2014.
  • Chelsea (Antilla) Alexander, MS, CGC '06Certified Genetic Counselor. Visited January 2015. 
  • Lee Korby '04High School Science Teacher, Prior Lake H.S., Savage MN.  Visited February 2015.
  • Alisha (Block) Aagesen, Ph.D. '03Postdoctoral Associate, Tischler Laboratory, Microbiology Department-University of Minnesota.  Visited March 2015.

Speakers for 2013–14

  • Samit Joshi, DO, MPH ’01 — Associate Medical Director, Global Research, Virology at Bristol-Myers Squibb. Visited September 2013.
  • Peter C. Falkum ’80 – Director of Research and Development, Silk Brand of White Wave Foods. Visted October 2013.  Mr. Falkum’s visit was supported by the Joseph J. Latterell Memorial Visiting Alumnus Program.
  • Adam R. Hoffman, Ph.D. ’01 — Dorothy Taylor Chair in Chemistry, Associate Professor of Environmental Chemistry Department of Natural and Applied Sciences—University of Dubuque. Visited November 2013.
  • Larissa Mottl ‘96 — Minnesota DNR. Visited January 2014.
  • Susan (Seim) Listberger ‘07 — Application Development Chemist, Industrial Oils Technology Center—Cargill. Visited February 2014.
  • Jeff Ledermann ‘87 — Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. Visited March 2014.

2012–13 Speakers