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Why Communication, Media, And Rhetoric

  • UMM Students

The faculty and students in the Communication, Media and Rhetoric (CMR) Discipline are dedicated to creating an exciting and intellectually stimulating atmosphere for you.

The CMR curriculum:

  • Introduces students to the multidimensional nature of communication
  • Promotes the skills of lifelong learning for producers and consumers of messages
  • Develops the capabilities for active involvement in a participatory democracy

If you are a CMR major:

  • Curriculum begins with the six discipline core and public speaking courses.

  • You then take electives from each of the communications, media, and rhetoric branches of the Discipline. Options include:
    • Working at KUMM, the Morris student radio station;
    • Writing for the campus newspaper, the University Register;
    • Learning digital production and new technologies;
    • Examining communication theory
  • A capstone seminar, where you put all your experience together into a final project of your own design

CMR minors:

  • Take two core courses
  • Public speaking course
  • 10 credits from the CMR catalogue (in any combination) to complete the curriculum