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CMR Faculty

Mary Elizabeth Bezanson

Professor Emeritus
Ph.D., University of Washington
M.A., University of Washington
B.S., University of Minnesota, Minneapolis
B.A., University of Minnesota, Minneapolis


Rhetorical History and Criticism
Children's Literature
Presidential Inaugurals
Freedom of Speech
Rhetoric of Picturebooks
Mary Elizabeth Bezanson
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Barbara Burke

Associate Professor
2022-23 Sabbatical
Ph.D., Purdue University
M.A., Purdue University
M.A., University of Michigan
B.A., Purdue University
B.S., Purdue University


Alumni Association Teaching Award
University of Minnesota John Tate Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Advising


Creation and Dissemination Mass Media
Stories that Inform our Relationships Between People
How Marginalized People are Understood by Mainstream Society
Media Content and Audiences
Barbara Burke
Campus Location: 

HFA 105B

+1 3205896243

Nadezhda Sotirova

Associate Professor
Discipline Coordinator, Communication, Media, & Rhetoric
Ph.D., University of Massachusetts Amherst
M.A., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
B.A., Bridgewater College


Ethnography of Communication
Cultural Discourse Analysis
Language and Social Interaction
Intercultural Communication
Language and Identity
Nadezhda Sotirova
Campus Location: 

HFA 105C

+1 3205896244

Quaquilla Rhea Walker

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Northwestern University
M.A., Northwestern University
B.A., North Central College


Public Speaking Instruction
The social shaping of communication technologies and their impact on society
Communicating with social media
Advertising and the Internet
Rhea Walker
Campus Location: 

Humanities 216

+1 320 589 6255