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Computer Science Career & Graduate School Opportunities

Approximately 50 percent of the computer science Morris graduates have pursued graduate or professional school training.

Annually, approximately 27 percent of computer science graduates use their undergraduate major as a springboard for direct entry into graduate/professional schools.

Popular graduate/professional school programs of Morris alumni:

  • Animation
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Business administration
  • Computer engineering
  • Computer graphics
  • Computer science
  • Computability
  • Database systems
  • Electrical engineering
  • Engineering
  • Geology
  • Graph theory
  • Graphics/robotics
  • Hydrogeology
  • Language
  • MSS
  • Programming languages
  • Real time systems
  • Software engineering
  • Virtual reality

Morris computer science alumni have completed graduate/professional degrees at many well-known and respected universities.

Some examples are: