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Chemistry Student Employment Opportunities

Students are able to work in a variety of capacities as undergraduates at Morris, allowing them to hone their lab skills as well as put their math and chemistry knowledge to use. Chemistry students are encouraged to apply for a variety of positions open in the Chemistry Discipline every semester:

Lab Prep Assistant
The prep assistant helps to prepare solutions, unknowns, etc. for the set up for the general, organic, analytical and physical chemistry laboratories.

Lab Teaching Assistant
Undergraduate teaching assistants are utilized in the general, organic and analytical chemistry labs. The teaching assistant works with the lab instructor (the professors responsible for the accompanying lecture) to ensure that the students in lab are adhering to proper safety requirements, to answer questions, and to guide the students through the mysteries of lab!

Lecture Grader
Some chemistry courses utilize undergraduate graders. For students who would like to keep their lecture knowledge sharp, a position as a grader is a good choice.

To apply for one of these positions, see Julie Kill. In addition, chemistry students are frequently hired by the Academic Assistance Center as tutors for chemistry courses.


In addition to the myriad of opportunities available to chemistry students at Morris, other chemistry related job opportunities occasionally arise in the Morris area:

  • At the USDA Soils Research lab in Morris. Not contingent on work-study eligibility; 10-15 hours/week with much flexibility.
    Please contact: Beth Burmeister at 320-589-3411 ext. 100 for more information or an application.
  • West Wind Village, the local nursing home, is a great choice for students interested in careers in health care.
  • Stevens County Ambulance Garage is another popular employment option for those interested in a career in medicine is employment.
    Many Morris students work as emergency medical technicians during their undergraduate days in Morris.