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Student Awards

Each year, in recognition of outstanding students, the Chemistry Discipline presents these student awards.


spdf Award

The spdf is awarded annually to a graduating senior in chemistry, who has been selected by the chemistry discipline faculty. The recipient has demonstrated outstanding scholarship, the potential for continued success within the field, and has contributed to the disciplines of chemistry.

spdf awardee

  • 2019 - Stephanie Berg
  • 2018 - Ramitha Rupasinghe
  • 2017 - Calvin Cicha
  • 2016 - Garrison "Sonny" Komaneicki
  • 2015—Tim Roettgen
  • 2014—Alex Kleinfehn
  • 2013—Dan Seidenkranz
  • 2012—Karl ‘Boo’ Schliep
  • 2011—Debbie Schneiderman
  • 2010—Alex Madsen
  • 2009—Stuart Kohl
  • 2008—Janice (Kyung Mee) Lee
  • 2007—Jacob Melby
  • 2006—Lisa Johnson
  • 2005—Ryan Turgeon
  • 2004—Lynn Weyer
  • 2003—kelly Gorres
  • 2002—Heidi Doyen
  • 2001—Brenda Schultz
  • 2000—Stacy Hartman
  • 1999—Nathan Anderson
  • 1998—Ryan Krisko
  • 1997—Ryan James
  • 1996—Holly Norling

Kaufman Award

The Kaufman Award is a Divisional award presented in the memory of Andrew J. Kaufman, father of Dr. Edward Kaufman of Appleton, Minnesota. This award recognizes a physical or life sciences student of outstanding academic excellence and potential. A committee of faculty in the Division of Science and Mathematics selects the recipient. Several chemistry majors have won this award.

Kaufman awardee

  • 2014–15—Sonny Komaniecki
  • 2013–14—Allison Christiansen
  • 2011–12—Anthony Rooney
  • 2010–11—Melissa Kloek
  • 2009–10—Rebecca Lindquist
  • 2008–09—Bethany Nyland
  • 2006–07—Jacob Melby
  • 2005–06—Sarah Lofgren
  • 2002–03—Kelly Gorres
  • 1999–00—Nathan Mork
  • 1997–98—Robert Kess
  • 1995–96—Holly Norling
  • 1993–94—Timna Odegaard
  • 1991–92—Robert McDonald
  • 1990–91—Ravi Agarwal
  • 1989–90—Virginia Kolb
  • 1987–88—Danita Carlson
  • 1983–84—Patrice Christensen
  • 1982–83—Cindy Huwe
  • 1981–82—Lynda McDowell

Freshman Chemistry Award

The Freshman Chemistry Award is presented to an outstanding General Chemistry student, as selected by the General Chemistry I and II faculty.

Freshman Chemistry awardee

  • 2015—Andrew Helmin and Ramitha Rupasinghe
  • 2014—Paula Mercurio
  • 2013—Matthew Smith & Garrison “Sonny” Komaniecki
  • 2012—Allison Christiansen
  • 2011—Chen Chen
  • 2010—Joshua Godding
  • 2009—Jennifer Schmidt
  • 2008—Rebecca Lindquist
  • 2007—Sarah (Winnie) Winnikoff
  • 2006—Bethany Nyland
  • 2005—Janice Kyung Mee Lee
  • 2004—Jacob Melby
  • 2003—
  • 2004—
  • 2001—Emily Bakker