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North Central Association of Colleges (NCA) Assessment

To meet NCA assessment standards, all graduating LAAS majors must submit a number of items to the LAAS coordinator prior to graduation. The LAAS major has three basic learning objectives; the materials you submit will demonstrate your progress toward these objectives.

Objective 1

Acquiring a basic introduction to Latin American cultures and societies.

Objective 2

Acquiring the means essential to gain an understanding of Latin America and its diverse peoples.

Objective 3

Placing Latin America in a comparative perspective.
You are strongly advised to develop and save these materials (each is indicated by the objective it serves) as you progress through the program.

  • Submit a current copy of your APAS (#1, 2, 3).
  • Turn in a typed list of all courses you have taken to fulfill requirements for the LAAS major. The list should include electives in three different disciplines (#2).
  • Type a list of any UROPs, MAPs, honors, public presentations, or awards undertaken or received as an LAAS major and that are relevant to Latin America.
  • A copy of your final paper for LAAS 4901, including bibliography (#2,3).
  • If you have had one or more study abroad experiences in Latin America or internships working with US based Hispanics, please prepare a one-page description of that experience and relate 1) how it enhanced your “understanding of Latin America and its diverse peoples” and 2) comment how your frame(s) of comparison have deepened your ability to empathize with Latin Americans (#2, 3).
  • For the final semester you are enrolled in LAAS 3100, in addition to handing in your Journal (which will not be returned), prepare a separate typed list of the articles, essays, and web sites you read. A typical entry would read “Geog Area: Mexico; Source: Proceso (19 May 1999); Subject: PAN and Sonora elections;” include any web addresses. Turn in a copy both to the LAAS 3100 instructor and the LAAS coordinator (#2, 3).
  • Maintain a cumulative list of those periodical and reference sources consulted in LAAS 3201 Bibliographic Tools and Journals in Latin American Area Studies (#2).
  • Type an abstract of your LAAS 4901 Senior Capstone research project (title, main points), along with a complete bibliography from your final paper (#2, 3).
  • Complete the exit survey that will be emailed to you at the time of graduation and return to the LAAS coordinator.

Note: You must meet with the LAAS coordinator and turn in all materials before you can be released for graduation with an LAAS major.