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Current Students

I am a Morris undergraduate student interested in becoming a secondary education teacher. How do I become eligible to apply for a Minnesota teaching license?

  • Apply to Morris’s state-approved teacher education program
    • Morris’s program is one year, full-time. Program application/admission materials are available from the Division of Education. During fall semester of the junior or senior year, you attend an application meeting to begin the application process. Enrollment in the program is limited. The decision to admit is made during spring semester, before fall registration. The secondary education course sequence begins in fall semester.

  • Take three state-mandated, standardized tests
    • The National Evaluation Series (NES) in Basic Skills (reading, writing, and math) must be taken before entering the program or ACT + Writing/SAT exempt and the MTLE in the content field licensure area(s) (such as Social Studies, Life Science, etc.) as well as the MTLE in pedagogy will be taken while in the program. Contact the Division of Education for details.

  • Complete prerequisite courses and coursework that fulfills the content area licensure standards
    • Education prerequisite courses are:
      • Ed 2121 and 2111, Foundations and Issues in Education;
      • One of Ed 2601, Psy 2411, Psy 3401, or Psy 3504;
      • Psy 2581, Drugs and Human Behavior; and
      • CMR 1052, Introduction to Public Speaking.
    • Check the Morris catalog for more information. Secondary education licensure requirement courses may vary slightly from what is required for the major.

  • Complete an academic major

  • Graduate with a Morris degree