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Diwan Shafiul Umam

Shafiul Umam is an English and Political Science major who is passionate about the never-ending journey of improving himself as a writer. He is excited about finding out where the odyssey of the writer takes him. From writing through stormy Morris nights to drafting on flights back to campus, Shafiul has made a collection of experiences which he thinks adds to the fun of cherishing his journey thus far.

These days you can usually find him spending his time trying to understand the latest peace and conflict developments from around the world. One of his major hobbies is trying to understand the human condition. Whether it is through the people around him, through the people who lived hundreds or thousands of years ago, or through all people who live different lives in different parts of the world today. Shafiul's efforts to understand the human condition has certainly shaped his academic pursuits and aspirations in Morris.

Headshot of Shafil Umam