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Elementary Education Forms

Elementary Education Program Application

You will attend a meeting to begin the application process. The application includes faculty recommendations, personal statements, and an interview with elementary education faculty.

Program Application Recommendation Forms

Admissions Appeal Process

Ed 2111 - Tutor-Aide Practicum

In Ed 2111, University students complete 30 hours of in the classroom while they complete Ed 2121-Introduction to Education.

ElEd 3111 - Practicum I: Field Experience in the Elementary Classroom

In ElEd 3111, teacher candidates extend and apply information and skills learned in other elementary education courses. Candidates spend a minimum of 60 hours in a rural elementary school, where they develop skills of observation and reflective analysis in a classroom setting; perform a wide range of teaching duties and responsibilities including instruction and assessment; and assist their cooperating teachers. The class meets weekly on the Morris campus to connect theory and practice.

ElEd 3211 - Practicum II: Field Experience in a Preprimary Setting

All candidates must complete a practicum in ElEd 3211 or ElEd 3212. ElEd 3211 is required for those candidates who have chosen to add a preprimary endorsement. ElEd 3211 is a 40-hour field experience in a Head Start or other setting with children from ages 3–5. Candidates plan, implement, and assess activities in their preprimary setting in consultation with cooperating teachers and university instructor.

ElEd 3212 - Practicum II: Field Experience in a Middle Level Setting

All candidates must complete a practicum in ElEd 3211 or ElEd 3212. ElEd 3212 is required for those candidates who have chosen to add a middle level endorsement in social studies, science, mathematics, or communication. ElEd 3212 is a 40-hour field experience in grade 7 or 8, where candidates observe, teach, and assist cooperating teachers.

ElEd 4111 - Practicum III: Beginning Student Teaching

Beginning Student Teaching is designed to provide candidates with opportunities during the first weeks of school to increase their understanding of the duties and responsibilities of teachers and to introduce students to the classes in which they may complete their student teaching assignments. Candidates observe, reflect and apply what they have learned in the program. They explore the many dimensions of teaching at the elementary school level.

ElEd 4112 - Practicum IV: Cross-Cultural Experience in the Elementary School

Students have the opportunity to apply content area methods in a cross-cultural setting. This full-week, full-time experience is completed in the Chicago Public Schools, Chicago, Illinois; Willmar Public Schools, Willmar; or Tiospa Zina Tribal School, New Agency, South Dakota.

Student Teaching Resources

PrePrimary Student Teaching Resources

Middle Level & Foreign Language Student Teaching Resources

Forms Completed By Cooperating Teacher and/or University Supervisor

Lesson Plans

Student Teaching Appeal Process

Communication of Concern Process