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Aeronautical... biomedical... civil... environmental... geological... mechanical... technological... you're probably familiar with many types of engineering, but are you aware of the role a liberal arts education plays in preparing students for this challenging field? In a recent article, Harvard University's School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Dean expressed his hope that, in the future, engineering and other technological disciplines will be empowered by the problem-solving skills of the liberal arts. His outlook was echoed by Apple's chief executive officer, Steve Jobs, as he discussed the engineering of mobile technology at the unveiling of iPad 2.0: "Technology married with liberal arts...yields the result that makes our heart sing."

Morris Advantages

In addition to providing an outstanding liberal arts education—the Morris campus boasts the highest percentage of winners of the Horace T. Morse-Minnesota Alumni Association Award for Outstanding Contributions to Undergraduate Education at the University of Minnesota—the Morris campus offers Pre-Engineering students the following:

  • Sound preparation for students who are undecided about their path and wish to be prepared for a variety of science or engineering options
  • A solid foundation in math or science that gives students the tools they need to succeed in engineering
  • Undergraduate research program: Gives Pre-Engineering students a competitive edge
  • Stipend programs: Helping provide multiple options for funding students who want to conduct undergraduate research
  • Undergraduate Research Symposium: an annual event at which to present your findings
  • Service learning: Access to opportunities in a number of fields
  • Study abroad program: A nationally recognized program that prepares pre-professional students to collaborate in a global economy

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