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English Research Opportunities & Collaborations

  • English senior seminar
  • English alumni
  • english students
  • Students at PGLF
  • Professor Janet Schrunk Ericksen
  • Professor Chrissy Kolaya

At Morris, students in the English Discipline have a multitude of venues for sharing and publishing their work, exchanging ideas with established writers and scholars, becoming active in the literary community, and beginning their professional careers.

Research and Other Programs

  • The Undergraduate Research Symposium (URS) invites presenters from all disciplines to present their work to the campus community in a spirit of intellectual exchange. Readings of creative works, scholarly research and dramatic presentations are all welcomed and discussed in a convivial atmosphere.

  • International exchange programs 

  • Assist with faculty research

  • First-hand experience working at the campus student publications, the University Register and Floating World


Financial support for student research is available through several venues. University funding opportunities are consolidated by the Academic Center for Enrichment (ACE).