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Why Environmental Science?

  • UMM Students

The Environmental Science major at Morris is designed to graduate future problem-solvers, professionals who have the tools to answer questions that have yet to be asked.

The Environmental Science degree is rooted in a core of courses in biology, chemistry and geology.

Working from this strong science base, students then sculpt their own major, adding five or more elective courses that align with their interest.

In this curriculum, students step out on their own and do independent research in their area of focus. In the Capstone, with the support of a faculty advisor, each student takes on a project working outside the University.

These projects can take place in the field, at nearby laboratories, or with cooperating consultancies.

  • Field Experience in Environmental Challenges is a summer course offering the chance to travel to Italy and study the geological processes in the Alps.

  • The Environmental Science Field Camp is another hands-on opportunity where students are asked to identify and solve an environmental science problem, either in the field or as part of an internship.

These courses provide valuable experience applying the knowledge mastered in the classroom.

Combining Environmental Science with another discipline is both feasible and common for those wanting to further expand their studies. While there is no Environmental Science minor currently offered, many Environmental Science students pursue a double major, or an Environmental Science major and a minor in another discipline like geology, biology or non-science subject.