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Heather Peters

Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Arizona
M.A., University of Arizona
B.A., University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
B.S., University of Minnesota - Twin Cities


  • Horace T. Morse
  • Alumni Teaching
  • Cesar Chavez


Clinical Psychology
Sport Psychology
Multicultural Psychology


The ultimate goal of her research program is to assist in the development of culturally sensitive interventions and programs that will serve to increase the multicultural competence of groups of individuals within our society and improve the health and wellbeing of people from marginalized cultural groups. Peters has published numerous chapters and articles on various topics related to culture.

Sample of Publications

I am driven to improve educational opportunities for Native Americans

Peters has a profound commitment to social justice and to serving students from marginalized identities and communities; this commitment is the driving force behind her teaching, advising, research, and service. She is also a potent force in student academic life through her many collaborative projects. Peters, a member of the Academy of Distinguished Teachers, is a recipient of the Horace T. Morse - University of Minnesota Alumni Association Award for Outstanding Contributions to Undergraduate Education and the University of Minnesota Morris Alumni Association Teaching Award.

Heather Peters
+1 3205896217
Campus Location: 

Imholte 20B