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Why History?

  • Steve Gross

“I am always surprised by Morris students. They are, as a group, invariably smart, curious, engaged and typically very challenging, quite unlike students I've encountered elsewhere. But what I like best is that our students seem to comprise a moral community. Morris students watch out for each other and treat learning as a social endeavor. ”

—Stephen Gross, associate professor of history

To make the most of your history studies at Morris, you’ll want to work closely with our award-winning faculty advisers. Make sure:

  • Your course list encompasses multiple regions and time periods
  • You study western and non-western history

Your coursework and consultation with your advisor will also help you prepare to complete the senior seminar (Hist 4501) course, in which students pursue a historical research project with the support of one or more faculty members.

Major Requirements and Objectives
Minor Requirements and Objectives