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Why Honors?

If you’re pursuing a competitive career track, Honors makes you distinctive and demonstrates that you’re curious, motivated, and dedicated.

While the program requires completion of several courses, there’s plenty of room to make it your own.

In the gateway course to the program, IS2001H Traditions in Human Thought, you undertake a significant research project that suits your interests and may complement work you’re doing in your major(s).

You can then further expand on this field by developing an Honors co-curricular project, designed to connect coursework in the Honors Program to co-curricular activities like internships, national student exchange, or study abroad.

Finally, the Honors capstone project is a way to carve out yet another dimension of your interests. With some forward and 360-thinking, you can scaffold these projects to develop well-rounded expertise in an area.

In addition to double (and sometimes triple) majoring, Honors students are deeply committed to campus and community life. They are athletes and tutors and gardeners and community advisors and globetrotters and interns and artists. They are singers and dancers and explorers and mentors and change-makers. Participating in Honors means that you’ll be spending a lot of time with cool people. Isn’t that what college is for?

What do recent Honors grads think of their experience in the program?

“The Honors program not only allowed but encouraged me to mold my experience at UMM to fulfill my individual academic and professional goals. The final capstone project was particularly valuable in making my education unique and personal." (Broc Kokesh, geology, '16)

“The honors program has fostered my interest in breadth and different perspectives; it has given me the ability to make imaginative connections from a whole spectrum of experiences and apply that to many other parts of my life.” (Laura Borkenhagen, biology and anthropology, '16)

“While my fear of public speaking lingers on, I must admit that presenting my Honors Defense was my favorite part of the program. Having an opportunity to discuss an interdisciplinary topic you're passionate about with the community (or, in my case, three professors whom I admire greatly) epitomizes what I love about liberal arts. Looking back, it seems only fitting to have my time at Morris culminate in such an experience.” (Tessa Hagen, psychology with minors in philosophy, history, statistics, '16)

“I thought the honors program was incredibly valuable. I was able to take courses that offered a truly interdisciplinary education. The worldviews class introduced me to the philosophical side of cosmology. I was able to connect the subject to my physics courses but it made me think about the world and my perception of scientific explanation in a new way.” (Clare Miller, physics,'16)