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Jazz Studies Requirements

Minor Requirements

The jazz studies minor is for non-music majors only and offers an array of jazz-related courses and is designed for students wanting to develop fundamental skills in jazz performance and style. In addition to studying and applying jazz improvisation performance practices, students will become familiar with the cultural and contextual background of jazz and its relationship to other music genres.

  • Program Type: Undergraduate free-standing minor
  • Requirements for this program are current for Fall 2019
  • Required credits in this minor: 25 to 27


  • Expose students to a wide range of jazz styles through collaborative performance
  • Familiarize students with the cultural context of jazz, including stylistic origins and historical developments
  • Develop students' abilities in improvisation and overall musicianship through studies in jazz theory, composition, and individual performance study

Student Program Learning Outcomes

  • Students will be able to perform a wide range of jazz repertoire in small and large ensembles
  • Students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the cultural context of jazz through written and oral mediums
  • Students will be able to demonstrate the ability to improvise in a stylistically informed manner

Program Delivery

This program is available via classroom (the majority of instruction is face-to-face)

No grades below C- are allowed. Courses may not be taken S-N unless offered S-N only. A minimum GPA of 2.00 is required in the minor to graduate. The GPA includes all, and only, University of Minnesota coursework. Grades of "F" are included in GPA calculation until they are replaced.

Required Courses

Students must complete four semesters of Mus 0100, four semesters of Mus 12xx and two semesters of Mus 1080.

  • MUS 100 - Concert Attendance (0.0 cr)
  • MUS 1080 - Jazz Combo [ART/P] (1.0 cr)
  • MUS 1081 - Jazz Improvisation [ART/P] (2.0 cr)
  • MUS 1151 - Foundations of Music Theory I: Rhythm and Pitch [M/SR] (2.0 cr)
  • MUS 1152 - Foundations of Music Theory II: Line [FA] (2.0 cr)
  • Mus 12xx. Indiv Perf Studies
  • MUS 1111 - Functional Keyboard for the Music Major I [ART/P] (1.0 cr) or MUS 1200 - Individual Performance Studies: Piano [ART/P] (1.0 cr)
  • MUS 1223 - Individual Performance Studies: Composition [ART/P] (1.0 cr)
  • MUS 1330 - Jazz Ensemble [ART/P] (1.0 cr)
  • MUS 2406 - Jazz Style and Repertoire [FA] (2.0 cr)
  • MUS 3119 - Jazz Theory [FA] (2.0 cr)
  • MUS 3224 - Advanced Individual Performance Studies: Improvisation [ART/P] (1.0 cr)
  • MUS 3305 - West African Styles in African American Music [FA] (2.0 cr)


Take 1 or more course(s) from the following:

  • ENGL 3522 - Harlem Renaissance [HDIV] (4.0 cr)
  • MUS 3109 - Analysis of Popular Music [HUM] (2.0 cr)
  • MUS 3121 - Music Technology [FA] (2.0 cr)