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The pre-law program at the University of Minnesota, Morris is designed to assist students preparing for legal careers throughout every stage of their undergraduate education by providing

  • Career information
  • Assistance with course selection
  • LSAT planning and preparation
  • Law school selection guidance

The University of Minnesota, Morris has one of the best law school placement records in the entire Upper Midwest. Here are some of the advantages we offer those who choose to prepare for their careers on a distinguished liberal arts campus.

Ouststanding Advising

The campus pre-law adviser is Timothy Lindberg, professor of Political Science.

Excellent Instruction

The academic rigor and interdisciplinary strength of a liberal arts campus will greatly empower your pre-law education. Courses are taught by faculty from across the campus.

Hands-On Legal Experience

Because of the strong relationship between the campus and surrounding communities, students at the University of Minnesota, Morris have unparalleled access, through the Stevens County Attorney’s Office, to criminal prosecutions, including interviewing of defendants and/or witnesses, drafting of criminal complaints, and observation of a wide range of criminal proceedings.

Comprehesnsive Law School Selection and Admission Information

The campus provides an annual Graduate and Professional School Information Day. The pre-law adviser will assist you in maximizing your chances of getting into the top law schools, offering detailed information on admissions requirements and criteria at various institutions.

LSAT Preparation Assistance

In addition to the support of the campus pre-law adviser, students at the University of Minnesota, Morris have access to an FAQ written by a pre-law adviser with ten years’ experience that includes scoring information and a suggested study schedule.

Successful Extra-Curricular Organizations

Many pre-law students enjoy competing in the prestigious University of Minnesota, Morris Mock Trial program. The group has a strong history of success both at the regional and national levels of the American Mock Trial Association.