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Morris Graduates Law Schools and Legal Careers

“Attending the University of Minnesota, Morris was the best thing I could have done to prepare me for law school and a career as an attorney. The liberal arts mission was invaluable - being able to major in history while also minoring in computer science helped foster my appreciation of the law and my writing skills, while simultaneously honing the analytical skills that are central to both computer science and the law. The personal attention from faculty is also unparalleled. When interning at one of the top firms in Minnesota, a partner impressed by my writing observed that someone must have invested a lot of time in developing my writing technique. He was right. I instantly recalled the countless hours Professor Roland Guyotte had poured over my senior history thesis, meticulously taking his red pen to correct every little error and make me a better writer. Best of all, I was able to receive this top liberal arts education at a public university price; something to be truly appreciated given that law school on its own is such a significant financial investment.”

—Timothy J. Droske
Associate Attorney
Dorsey & Whitney, LLP


As the list below indicates, the Pre-Law program at the University of Minnesota, Morris, enjoys an outstanding placement record, one of the best in the entire Upper Midwest. Recent graduates have gone on to attend some of the strongest law schools in the country, including:

“But what if I want to attend a law school nearby?”

Some students may prefer to attend a regional law school where they can focus on legal issues and legislation pertinent to their communities. The University of Minnesota, Morris boasts excellent admissions rates into such schools including the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, Mitchell Hamline School of LawSt. Thomasthe University of North Dakota, and the University of South Dakota.


How far can you go if you combine the power of the liberal arts with a legal education? Graduates of the University of Minnesota, Morris have practiced law in some of the most prominent positions and offices in the land, including:

  • University of Minnesota Office of the General Counsel
  • Hennepin County District Court Judge
  • U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clerk
  • Minnesota Supreme Court Chief Justice
  • Assistant Attorney General
  • Public Defender
  • Lobbyist
  • Associate Counsel to the President
  • White House Counsel’s Office
  • Regulatory & Government Affairs and Litigation & Controversy Department
  • Workers Compensation Judge
  • Defense and National Security Group
  • Government and Regulatory Litigation Practice Group