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There are two main ways to participate in North Star activities—you can become a Scholar or a Peer Mentor.

Scholars are typically first or second year students who want to advance their academic success. Peer Mentors are student leaders who are working toward increasing their academic success and engagement of other underrepresented students in STEM disciplines. Both Scholars and Peer Mentors may be eligible for a stipend.


  • Internship opportunities
  • Undergraduate research experience
  • Industry connections
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Professional skill development
  • Social networking with peers and professionals

On the Morris campus the way we help you achieve your STEM goals is that you participate in a one-credit-per semester S/N directed study course. Scholars will enroll in IS 1993 and Peer Mentors in IS 2993. Scholars will collaborate with their peer mentor and will be required to participate in a variety of activities and develop self-reflective skills that are the basis of future action and success. Peer mentors will work Scholars to help them accomplish the objectives of the directed-study course. Peer Mentors will also be required to participate in activities and self-reflections. Attached are two sample syllabi for IS 1993/2993.

Sample Syllabus IS 1993 »
Sample Syllabus IS 2993 »

If you are interesting in participating in North Star activities please complete the appropriate application under the Forms section. If you have additional questions about the program please contact Associate Professor Joseph Alia.