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Secondary Education (Licensure)


  1. First, you need to know that teaching is an awesome, rewarding, challenging, and amazing career!
  2. As a secondary teacher, you’ll need to know your content well—so, GPA’s of 2.75 in your license area and 2.5 overall are required for the program, and many students achieve even higher scores. Study hard!!
  3. Typically, you will major in the content area that you want to teach. In Minnesota, the courses you take are determined by state standards for teachers—*so completing a major is NOT the same as taking the classes you need for teaching licensure.* *Check your APAS* and the catalog to compare requirements in the major and teaching license and to make sure you are completing a) courses needed for your degree and major, b) courses needed for teaching licensure, and c) the required prerequisite courses.
  4. Declare your interest in Secondary Education right away (on the “change your major” form on the Advising web page choose secondary education and a subplan in the 2nd or 3rd major slot) so that you can be notified of any informational meetings and have a licensure APAS in addition to your major APAS.
  5. You'll need to apply to the Secondary Education program in the fall before being in the year-long program (for example, the 2015-2016 cohort applied by December 1, 2014). Field experience is a big part of the program and we need the lead time to make sure you have a great learning opportunity in area schools.