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Melissa Haseman

Melissa is a senior biochemistry major with a love for exploring a little bit of each discipline. Currently, that pursuit is in political science. On and around campus, you might find her playing the piano or trying to soak up a little bit of time outside. With a range of many interests, a busy schedule, and a finite amount of time, she truly understands how and why procrastination sets in. Melissa enjoys talking with writers about their ideas and how to convey their forming ideas to their audience. Whether you are working on a draft or you are in the prewriting phase, she would love to join you for the process in fighting back against procrastination and progressing with your writing. Wherever you are at in the writing process, she understands (and has likely been there too), so please feel more than free to drop on in with any of your writing questions, ideas you want to discuss, and developing work.

Melissa Haseman Headshot