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Molly Melduskova

Only stepping in the Humanities building when absolutely necessary, Molly adds to the mix of students involved with the Writing Center who are foreign to the English major as a girl with her eyes dead set on a degree in Psychology. Her scholarly pursuits are overshadowed, perhaps only, by the fact that Molly is your friend. Indeed, friendship is one of her most defining characteristic traits, ranking equally with her knack for making references to 80s cult films nobody has seen and staying up long hours of the night listening to her friend’s problems. Molly has more passions than a centipede has feet, but a few of her most notable ones are her writing a fictional book about the end of humanity carrying on from work done with the UMM literary magazine Floating World, grassroots political activism / assorted family fun with the campus’ Queer Devil Worshipers for a Better Future, and rolling around on her bedroom floor in sync with the bass lines featured on Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly. Molly is especially interested in helping writers find their voice, add / subtract the right content to meet pesky word count requirements, and organize papers as a whole. Be anything but nervous when it comes to requesting time with her at the Writing Center.