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Conceptual Framework

The Minnesota Standards of Effective Practice provide the essential framework for the UMN Morris Teacher Education Program (TEP) and must be met by every teacher licensed in the state of Minnesota. The Conceptual Framework Alignment table shows how standards are linked to the conceptual framework. The UMN Morris TEPs are based on a single conceptual framework.

Student learning is at the center of the conceptual framework. Candidates are prepared to teach all students in all places.

Liberal Arts & General Studies: Breadth of Knowledge
Teachers must be broadly educated with substantial general knowledge. Consistent with increased content demands, candidates develop knowledge and skills through the general education program.

Content Area Studies: Depth of Knowledge
Teachers must possess a depth of knowledge in specialty areas, the fields in which they will be licensed to teach. Candidates earn a UMN Morris major.

Professional Program Themes & Qualities: Building Professional Expertise
Teachers must understand and act on professional knowledge that leads to classroom effectiveness. The UMN Morris TEP begins with an introductory course, continues with theory and methods courses for admitted candidates, and ends with a professional development course. Field experiences are scheduled concurrently with University coursework.

Program Themes
Theory & Practice: The UMN Morris TEP models, promotes, and assesses theory and practice. We actively support the work of professional organizations and focus on national subject matter standards and recommendations. Candidates put ideas into practice in P-12 classrooms. Courses have multiple goals, activities, and authentic assessments to evaluate knowledge and performance.

The UMN Morris TEP reflects UMN Morris's mission in our focus on candidate leadership abilities in class and on campus. Over 90% of candidates are involved in clubs, organizations, or committees.

The UMN Morris TEP faculty is committed to a program infused with multicultural education. Understanding diversity and the needs of every student are key program objectives. Candidates must complete at least one field experience in a diverse or cross-cultural setting.

 Program Characteristics 
Developmental: Course and field experiences include assignments and expectations appropriate for candidate readiness. In early field experiences candidates are tutor-aides and work with individuals or small groups. During student teaching, candidates assume the full range of professional duties.

Candidates participate in reflective activities from the first day of the prerequisite course, when they write a pre-assessment analyzing their perspectives on teaching, to the last days of the program, when they present their educational philosophy.

An integrative approach places learning in meaningful contexts. We are committed to weaving key themes and concepts throughout the course of study.

We teach constructivism as content and use constructivist methods to stimulate meaningful learning and engagement.

We are committed to collaboration among the many constituencies needed to offer a program of quality. The size and mission of UMN Morris and the UMN Morris TEP support collaboration among candidates, faculty, and school partners.

The Minnesota Standards of Effective Practice are the basis for program's course of study. They are taught, practiced, and assessed in multiple ways and at multiple points.

Knowledge, Skills, and Dispositions: Standards of Effective Practice
To prepare candidates to meet the goal of student learning, we focus on the knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary for beginning teachers.

  • Knowledge: Beginning teachers must have knowledge in many areas to be effective instructional leaders. They develop understanding of Self, Students, Community, Subject Matter, and Pedagogy.
  • Skills: Skills and knowledge are interwoven and separated only to describe them. In our program, we think of skills as the "doing" of our work. Candidates must demonstrate skills in Curriculum Innovation and Implementation, Instruction, Assessment, Management, and Communication.
  • Dispositions: Dispositions important for beginning teachers are those demonstrable and observable values, attitudes, and traits that are associated with effective teaching and with the relationships teachers build to promote student success. Candidates must show Collaboration, Ethics/Integrity, Equity/Respect, Efficacy/Commitment to Learning, Responsibility, and Enthusiasm/Openness. 

Student Learning
All efforts within the UMN Morris TEP are aimed at the overall goal of student learning for all students in all places. 

Conceptual Framework(s)

               I.5.c.1 Conceptual Framework and Objectives

               I.5.c.2 Detailed Conceptual Framework

               I.5.c.3 Conceptual Framework Alignment to MN SEP

               I.5.c.4 Candidate Participation in Campus Clubs, Organizations and Activities