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Standard 3

Field Experiences and Clinical Practice

The unit and its school partners design, implement, and evaluate field experiences and clinical practice so that teacher candidates and other school professionals develop and demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and professional dispositions necessary to help all students learn.


3.4.a - Examples across programs of collaborative activities between unit and P-12 schools to support the design, implementation, and evaluation of field experiences and clinical practice, including memoranda of understanding

3.4.a.1.a Teacher Ed Advisory Committee Meetings
3.4.a.1.b TEdAC Meeting Notes
3.4.a.2 Memorandum of Understanding- Student Teaching
3.4. a.3 List of Districts with UMM Memorandum of Understanding
3.4. a.4 UMM Teacher Education School Partner Survey
3.4. a.5 UMM Collaboration with Active P-12 Professionals
3.4.a.6 Professional Development Needs Assessment for Partner Schools (Pilot)
3.4.a.7 Student Teaching Placement Process
3.4.a.8 UMM Proposal Teacher Education and School Partners Project

3.4.b - Aggregate data on candidate placement in field experiences and clinical practice

3.4.b.1 Field Experiences and Clinical Practice by Program
3.4.b.2 UMM Teacher Education Program Field Experience Placements

3.4.c -Criteria for the selection of clinical faculty, which includes both higher education and P–12 school faculty

3.4.c.1 Clinical Faculty Criteria

3.4.c.2 Cooperating Teacher Qualifications

3.4.d - Examples of support and evaluation of clinical faculty across programs

3.4.d.1 Evaluation of Cooperating Teacher Supervision
3.4.d.2 Evaluation of University Supervisor
3.4.d.3 ED 4901 Student Survey Results (2013 and 2014)
3.4.d.4 Pilot Liaison Summary
3.4.d.5 Professional Learning Community at Partner School

3.4.e –Guidelines/ handbooks on field experiences and clinical practice for candidates, and clinical faculty, including support provided by the unit and opportunities for feedback and reflection

3.4.e.1 Elementary Education Student Teaching Handbook
3.4.e.2 Secondary Education Student Teaching Handbook
3.4.e.3 Agenda for Beginning Student Teaching Meeting with Cooperating Teachers

3.4.f - Assessment instruments and scoring guides used for and data collected from field experiences and clinical practice for all programs, including use of technology for teaching and learning

Assessment Instruments and Scoring Guides
3.4.f.1 Student Teaching Midterm Evaluation (New in 2015)

Data Collected
3.4.f.2 Student Teaching Summative Evaluation Data