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Standard 4


The unit designs, implements, and evaluates curriculum and provides experiences for candidates to acquire and demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and professional dispositions necessary to help all students learn. Assessments indicate that candidates can demonstrate and apply proficiencies related to diversity. Experiences provided for candidates include working with diverse populations, including higher education and P-12 school faculty, candidates, and students in P-12 schools.


4.4.a – Aggregate data on proficiencies related to diversity that candidates are expected to demonstrate through working with students from diverse groups in classrooms and schools, including impact on student learning 

4.4.a.1 Dispositions Relating to Diversity
4.4.a.2 Program Assessment of Diversity Understanding

4.4.b – Curriculum components and experiences that address diversity proficiencies.

4.4.b.1 Syllabi highlighted for Diversity

4.4.b.2 Minutes from Michael Rodriguez Visit to UMM

4.4.c – Assessment instruments and scoring guides related to candidates meeting diversity proficiencies (See Standard 1)

4.4.d – Data table on faculty demographics

4.4.d.1 Faculty Demographics

4.4.e – Data table on candidates demographics

4.4.e.1. Candidate Demographics
4.4.e.2 UMM Data Book

4.4.f – Data table on demographics of P-12 students in schools used for clinical practice.

4.4.f.1 Diversity of P-12 Students in Clinical Practice Sites

4.4.g – Policies and practices, including good faith efforts, for recruiting and retaining diverse faculty.

4.4.g.1 Equity_Diversity_EO_AA
4.4.g.2 Recruiting a Diverse, Qualified Group of Applicants
4.4.g.3 UMM Policies and Practices for Recruiting Diverse Faculty
4.4.g.4 Support from Office of Equity and Diversity
4.4.g.5 Morris Predoc Program
4.4.g.6 University Policy for Conducting and Exceptional No Search Hire
4.4.g.7 Gloria Ladson-Billings Visit

4.4.h – Policies and practice, including good faith efforts, for recruiting and retaining diverse candidates.

4.4.h.1 Office of Equity, Diversity, and Intercultural Programs
4.4.h.2 UMM Policy of American Indian Tuition Waiver
4.4.h.3 Letter of Application_NIC
4.4.h.4 Ojibwe Language Revitalization Grant

4.4.i – Policies, procedures, and practices that support candidates working with P-12 students from diverse groups.

4.4.i.1 Elementary Education Cross Cultural Setting Requirement
4.4.i.2 Secondary Education Cross Cultural Setting Requirement