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Don't Cancel That Class Initiative

Are you expecting to miss one or more of your classes this semester due to a professional or personal reason? Instead of canceling class, consider the Don't Cancel That Class Initiative.

This initiative is a collaboration between campus partners; to offer various workshops centered around holistic student success, focusing on learning strategies, overall health and well-being, and financial wellness. Currently, this collaboration is among The Office of Academic Success, Student Counseling and Wellness, and One Stop. We invite you to look at the respective offices' workshop offerings and fill out their form directly. Someone from that particular office will contact you and facilitate a workshop in your class.

Workshop Offerings & Request Forms

The Office of Academic Success

The Office of Academic Success Workshop Offerings

Our capacity to fulfill requests may be limited September 9th - September 20th. However, we will do our best to meet requests!

 Time Management

An essential piece of beign an active learner is balancing the time between the tasks that need to get done and the things students want to do. This workshop will focus on orgainzing time, prioritizing tasks, and finding an overall balance in regard to time. 

Reading and Note-Taking

Whether students are taking notes on an assigned reading or in class, note-taking is a foundational aspect of the learning process. The focus of this workshop will allow students to analyze their current strategies and engage with further strategies that promote active reading and note-taking. 

Reflection Activities

Actively reflecting on readings, notes, classes, and course feedback are crucial aspects of engaged learning. This workshop will demonstrate strategies to help students become more active and connected with their learning.

Preparing for an Exam

An exam is a time for students to demonstrate their knowledge. Every reading, assignment, and class discussion are opportunities to practice and prepare for the exam. This workshop will discuss strategies and resources to help students be more effective in exam practice and time management leading up to the exam. 

Student Counseling and Wellness

Student Counseling and Wellness Workshop Offerings

Mindfulness 101Mindfulness

Facilitator: Jeanne Williamson, LICSW

Mindfulness 101 will review Mindfulness as a concept and skill and several mindfulness practices will be practiced in the class session. Mindfulness is defined as: Paying attention, on purpose, in the moment, nonjudgmentally. Mindfulness can help individuals manage stress, gain perspective, experience emotions versus avoiding them, and relate to the world more effectively.

Strategies for Everyday Wellness strategies_for_everyday

Facilitator: Jeanne Williamson, LICSW

Strategies for Everyday Wellness will introduce students to several concepts and skills to address wellness from a holistic view. The class will start by reviewing stress and the stress response, have discussions around this and then complete a self-care plan for that week. They will also learn and practice breathing exercises, chair yoga and review a brief introduction to positive psychology and practice 3 good things. Can be adjusted/modified as requested.

Stress Management 101 stress management

Facilitator: Bridget Joos, MS, LPC

This session will focus on what stress is, how to recognize both negative and positive stress, and how pinpointing symptoms of stress will give you an opportunity to manage it better. Participants will leave the workshop with practical strategies to utilize in managing stress levels. Learn and practice strategies to reduce stress and anxiety through breathing and visualization. This program is designed to give the participant simple techniques to use in short amounts of time.

Healthy Relationships 101 Healthy Relationships

Facilitator: Bridget Joos, MS, LPC

Healthy Relationships will help students identify the dynamics of healthy versus unhealthy relationships, and explore the best ways to communicate, appropriate boundaries and support as they navigate the difficulty of new or ongoing relationships as a college student. It will also explore how to navigate the ending of relationships.

Green Dot Overview Speech green dot overview

Facilitator: Green Dot Trainers Vary

An overview speech is approximately one hour long and introduces the basic elements of Green Dot while inspiring participants to engage in immediate elements. Overview speeches are designed to:
              1. Introduce members of the campus community to their role as bystanders
              2. Teach participants how to recognize behaviors which may constitute partner
                  violence, sexual violence or stalking - or behaviors that may be immediate
                  precursors to these types of violence.
              3. Help individuals recognize barriers that may prevent them from doing
                  something in the face of potential power-based personal violence
              4. Instruct students on how to develop realistic options to act, given their unique
                  set of barriers
              5. Show participants realistic pro-social behaviors they can do to shift the campus
                  culture to one that is intolerant of violence and supportive of bystander

Green Dot Booster Session green dot

Facilitator: Green Dot Trainers Vary

A Green Dot Booster Session is for students who have already had the bystander training (which is done during orientation for most students) and is anywhere from 20 minutes- 50 minutes. Booster sessions are created to review the general concepts of Green Dot and engages students by refreshing them on reactive and proactive Green Dots through direct bystander interventions, distractions and delegating appropriately. Engaging session with several activities.

One Stop

One Stop Workshop Offerings

Financial Wellness Today for a Better Tomorrow

This workshop will provide students with an overview of financial wellness as it pertains to college and life after. Students will be given an introduction to student loans, mindful borrowing, and student employment. The workshop will also explain the importance of creating a four-year plan and the basics of creating a budget.

Office of Academic Success