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Office of Academic Success Tutoring

  • Morris students

Please note: For the Spring 2021 semester, tutoring will be entirely online.

What is tutoring?

At University of Minnesota Morris, we strive to provide academic assistance that meets each individual’s circumstances. Students in our course-based, scheduled tutoring have a chance to share study strategies, predict exam questions, and prepare answers to questions from lectures under the guidance of an experienced peer.

How to request a tutor:

  • To request a tutor for a course, complete a tutor request form at
  • The Academic Assistance Coordinator will then match you with a peer tutor and invite you to the biweekly Zoom meetings that meet through the last week of classes.
  • Tutoring sessions are 50-minutes long and can have up to five students per session.
  • We recommend requesting a tutor in the first three weeks of the semester to have the best chance of being matched with a tutor. Please be aware that we cannot guarantee that we will be able to find a tutor match in all cases.
  • Students can request a tutor beginning the first week of the semester until Thursday, April 1st, 2021 (also the last day to drop full semester classes).

What to expect?

Peer tutors will:

  • Serve as facilitators, not as second lecturers. Students attending tutoring sessions are expected to attend class, labs, etc. and complete course readings ahead of the scheduled tutoring session.
  • Be prepared with a facilitation plan for each session that includes active learning strategies.
  • Not provide direct answers to anything graded (homework, quizzes, projects, etc.). Tutors can help with the underlying concepts and can work on problems similar to homework problems.
  • Notify you at least 24 hours in advance if they must miss a tutoring session.

The following expectations of students attending scheduled tutoring are in place to make scheduled tutoring a positive experience for all.

  • Plan to bring your course syllabus, text, notes, and any additional material that will help focus the tutor session. Preparing questions ahead of time will make the tutoring session more productive and focused.
  • Your tutor will record attendance at each session. If you must miss a scheduled tutoring session, please notify your tutor at least 24 hours in advance.
  • If you miss more than two scheduled tutoring sessions without notifying your tutor in advance, you will be contacted by the Academic Assistance Coordinator, who will gauge your interest in continuing tutoring and/or to work with you to meet your academic needs.



Office of Academic Success