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Undergraduate Research Symposium

The Undergraduate Research Symposium (URS) offers an opportunity to present your research, creative work, and art performances.

Your audience not only includes your peers, your faculty, and your family, but also reaches far beyond the campus community.

Spring 2020 will mark the 20th annual UMN Morris Undergraduate Research Symposium, which celebrates student scholarly achievement and informs the campus community about the variety and quality of original student research, creative, and scholarly work from all academic areas of the Morris campus.

Types of presentations include posters, oral presentations, and short or abbreviated theatrical, dance, or musical performances. 


Abstracts are due in the spring. Final submissions are geneerally due two weeks later.

URS Co-chairs are available to assist you with drafting your abstract. 

Barbara Burke

Office Location: ACE, Student Center 5

Heather Waye

Office Location: ACE Office