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Preparing for Pharmacy School

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Students hoping to pursue a career in pharmacy should take advantage of all the strengths the University of Minnesota, Morris has to offer.

The University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy is conveniently located on two campuses: Duluth and the Twin Cities. Each year, they admit 150 students, with 100 on the Twin Cities campus and 50 on the Duluth campus. The average overall GPA for the Fall 2018 incoming class was 3.41, and the average PCAT composite score was 73%. The University of Minnesota PharmD program does not have minimum GPA requirements or PCAT scores to apply.

All applicants interested in attending the University of Minnesota PharmD program must complete prerequisite courses. For more information about these courses, please visit Although a bachelor's degree is not required to apply, about 90% of incoming students have a bachelor's degree.

“Which major should I choose?” 

While pharmacy schools do not require any particular major, most successful pre-pharmacy students major in chemistry, biology, or biochemistry, owing to the number of courses in those fields that are required for admission or in preparation for the Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT) test. At the University of Minnesota Morris, we have prepared three different options for the pre-pharmacy student.

  • Biology major
  • Chemistry major
  • Biochemistry major

Be aware that pre-pharmacy students will need to demonstrate strength in the following subjects:

In addition, the College of Pharmacy offers several courses that can help undergraduates prepare. Morris students may register for these online courses as multi-institutional students.