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Philosophy of Biology Symposium



February 19, 2016 (1 p.m.–6 p.m.)

Schedule of events:

1:00–1:50. “Evolution and Sex: What’s the Connection (If Any)?” [Science Building 2950]

How should we understand human sexual behavior in light of evolutionary biology? Does it tell us anything counterintuitive? Do studies of other animals tell us anything about ourselves?

Panelists: Mark Borrello (Twin Cities), Dan Demetriou (Morris), Marlene Zuk (Twin Cities)

2:00–2:50. “Did My Microbiome Make Me Do It?” [Science Building 2950]

Do the communities of microbes we host change our behavior without us knowing it? What does it mean to be an individual human when we are composed mostly of microbial cells?

Panelists: Alan Love (Twin Cities), Kristin Mickelson (Morris), Michael Travisano (Twin Cities)

3:00–3:50. Refreshments and Roundtable Discussions [University Room, Student Center]

What is graduate or professional school and why would I want to go? What is it like to be minority in the sciences? Why should I care about the history and philosophy of biology? 

4:00–5:00. “What is Biodiversity and How Can We Conserve it?” [Science Building 2950]

How do we measure biodiversity? Which measures are relevant for trying to save or conserve it? Is is possible that we are missing important features in our calculations of what to preserve?

Panelists: Clement Loo (Morris), Georgiana May (Twin Cities), Ruth Shaw (Twin Cities), Emilie Snell-Rood (Twin Cities)

5:10–6:00. Closing Reception [Alumni Room, Student Center]

Continuing the conversations

This Symposium is co-sponsored by the UMM Dean’s Office and the UMM Division of Science and Math Alumni Funds. For more information, please contact Mark Collier.

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