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Physician Assistant

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Physician assistants, or PAs, are health care professionals licensed to practice medicine with physician supervision. They are educated as generalists with a foundation in primary care. Many work in fields such as:

  • Cardiovascular surgery
  • Orthopedics
  • Emergency medicine
  • Family medicine
  • Internal medicine
  • Pediatrics
  • Obstetrics and gynecology

"What Does a Physician Assistant Do?"

  • Take medical histories
  • Conduct physical exams
  • Diagnose and treat illness
  • Order and interpret tests
  • Counsel on preventive healthcare
  • Assist in surgery
  • Write prescriptions (in most states)

"Where do Physician Assistants Work?"

  • Hospitals
  • Private physicians’ offices
  • Community clinics
  • Research centers
  • Correctional facilities
  • Nursing homes
  • Military installations and VA medical centers
  • Public health agencies

Morris Advantages

Physician Assistant programs are competitive. Augsburg, for example, accepts only 30 students into its Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies program from a pool of hundreds of applicants. Here are some of the advantages of preparing at the University of Minnesota, Morris, for a career as a physician assistant.

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