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Why Psychology?

Psychological science is at the core of our program, and our comprehensive curriculum fully equips students for a wide range of careers and further study.

The psychology curriculum focuses on understanding and applying the scientific method to the problems of the behavioral sciences and of individual and social human behavior.

The courses meet the needs of liberal arts students, those entering the helping professions after graduation, as well students who want to continue on and specialize in one of the fields of psychology at the graduate level.

Students work closely with faculty advisors to develop a curriculum that is ideally suited to their goals.


The psychology major starts with three courses that introduce the field and cover the fundamentals of methods and statistics. From there, students make their class selections from groups of related courses in the areas of:

  • Learning and Cognition
  • Biological and Comparative Psychology
  • Personality and Clinical Psychology
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Social and Applied Psychology

An advanced seminar and electives fill out the coursework in the major.


For the psychology minor, students start with the same three introductory courses taken by majors. They then take one course in at least four of the five areas as majors, and sufficient electives to earn 30 total credits in the discipline.