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Program Goals

With the goal of increasing the number of Morris Native American science majors, the campus has established a supportive, nurturing and academically fulfilling “pipeline” that involves these critical components:

  1. Identifies Native American students and involves them in research while they are in high school.
  2. Mentors and prepares participants for university academics the summer before their freshman year.
  3. Provides a complete tuition waiver, mentoring and a support network throughout their undergraduate career.
  4. Involves participants in an active and dynamic summer undergraduate research environment where under-represented individuals are in the majority.
  5. Offer an interdisciplinary environmental science curriculum that celebrates Morris’ green initiatives.

The development of our “pipeline” will focus on the following activities or services offered by Morris.

Early Encouragement
Morris Professor of Geology, James Cotter, visits Native American Reservations schools to introduce science careers and opportunities to grade school students.
Visits to Morris
Morris encourages junior high and high school Native American school groups to visit.
Wind STEP Program
This is a two-week residential program for rising Junior and Senior Native American High schoolers. The program looks at science opportunities and careers in wind generated power, alternative energy and environmental sciences.
Morris Gateway Program
Incoming undergraduate freshman who are STEP participants will be invited and encouraged to participate in the Morris Gateway Program. The summer program encouraged talented students to expand their educational and career aspirations.
Summer Science Bridge Program
This activity is still in the planning stages. It plans on being a 4-week program focusing on resources and alternative energy. It will expand on the Morris summer Biomass course, ESCI 3196 -Environmental Science Field Camp (SCI), by emphasizing on energy, science of energy and sustainable energy choices.
Support, Advising and Mentoring
For students to become successful in the STEP program, they will be encouraged to become involved with the Morris Campus community. This facilitated by the Morris Multi-Ethnic Student Programs (MSP). MSP is dedicated to working with student affairs and academic offices to meet the special concerns and needs of U.S. ethnic minority students.