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Requirements for Middle and Secondary School Licensure

Students planning to teach in Minnesota middle and secondary schools must meet the licensure requirements of the Minnesota Board of Teaching (BOT).

At the University of Minnesota, Morris, the following program is designed to meet the current BOT requirements. These licensure requirements are subject to change when the BOT implements new licensure rules.

  • Professional education courses
    • Ed 2121—Introduction to Education
    • Ed 2111—Tutor-Aide Practicum
    • SeEd 4102—Teaching and Learning Strategies
    • SeEd 4103—Practicum Experience in the Middle and Secondary School
    • SeEd 4104—Teaching Diverse Learners
    • SeEd 4105—Reading and Literacy in the Content Areas
    • SeEd 4115—Advanced Content Reading
    • SeEd 4201—Directed Student Teaching in the Middle and Secondary School
    • or SeEd 4204—Directed Student Teaching in International School at the Middle and Secondary Level
    • Ed 4901—The Teacher and Professional Development
  • Successful completion of licensure area methods course(s)
  • Psy 1061—Introduction to the Development of the Child and Adolescent and Psy 1081—Drugs and Human Behavior.
  • CMR 1052—Introduction to Public Speaking or CMR 1042—Public Speaking and Analysis.
  • A minimum GPA of 2.50 overall, and 2.74 in required licensure area(s), and in education courses. No grade below C- will be accepted in licensure or education courses.
  • Approval of teacher education faculty based on recommendations from faculty in the student’s discipline.
  • Passing scores on Minnesota Teacher Licensure Examinations (MTLE) in Basic Skills, the licensure area(s), and pedagogy.

Note: Students in secondary education must complete licensure requirements and apply for licensure within seven years from time of admission to the licensure program. After seven years, all education courses previously taken become void and must be retaken for licensure.

Required courses must be taken A–F unless they are offered S–N only.