Program Admission

If you are a current Morris student, during fall semester of your junior or senior year, you may attend an application meeting to begin the process of applying to the secondary education program. Enrollment is limited. During spring semester, before fall registration begins, admissions decisions are made based on the requirements listed below. The secondary education course sequence begins in fall semester.

If you are transferring from another school, you must be admitted to the Morris campus before secondary program admittance is offered. You should seek academic planning advice from a secondary education faculty before the semester during which you plan to apply to the secondary education program.

Requirements for admission

  1. Successful completion (grade of C- or higher) of:

    Psy 1061—Introduction to the Development of the Child and Adolescent (Psy 1051 is a prereq)

    Ed 2121—Introduction to Education

    and Ed 2111—Tutor-Aide Practicum

    Although Psy 1081—Drugs and Human Behavior and CMR 1052—Introduction to Public Speaking or CMR 1042—Public Speaking and Analysis are not required for admission, they are required courses for licensure. It is recommended that students complete these courses prior to beginning the secondary education program. 

    If you desire more in-depth alternatives, Psy 3401—Developmental Psychology I: Child Psychology and Psy 3402—Developmental Psychology II: Adolescence may be substituted for Psy 1061—Introduction to the Development of the Child and Adolescent.

  2. Completion of the Minnesota National Evaluation Series (NES) Essential Academic Skills Tests (Reading, Writing and Math).
  3. A minimum GPA of 2.75 is required in licensure area(s) and in education prerequisite courses and 2.50 overall. No grade below C- will be accepted in these courses
  4. Approximately 90 credits completed by the end of your junior year including demonstration of satisfactory progress in each licensure area
  5. Approval of the faculty based on your interview, recommendations, assessment of prior experience (especially with young people and other cultures), and progress toward a degree
  6. You must be admitted to the Morris campus prior to program admission.

Please note that this recommendation form is only for candidates planning to pursue Social Studies licensure.

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