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Sport Management

  • UMM Students
  • UMM Students

Game On. At Morris you’ll take your interest in sport management to the next level.

If you love sports and are seeking a profession that will allow you to participate for a lifetime, the sport management major can lay the groundwork for a fulfilling career. Whether you are an athlete looking for a way to stay in sports after your competitive career is over, or you want to enter the field right after graduation, Sport management can keep you where the action is.

Sport management is a flexible degree. As a sports manager, you may work closely with other sports professionals to effectively run and expand sports teams and franchises. You could also choose a career in sports communications or marketing. You may wish to move into the sports and leisure sector, events management, or work as a representative for athletes as an agent or in a players’ association or union.

The Sport Management major at Morris takes a comprehensive view of sports, one that covers the internal workings of sports organizations, but also the broader role of sports in our world:

  • Management and Leadership: Learn the skills, roles, and functions you need to excel in Sport management, including leadership theory and the latest management practices.

  • Sociocultural: Approach sport as a microcosm of society, influenced by cultural traditions and social values.

  • Ethics: Develop a personal philosophy of ethics and social responsibility in the sport management setting.

  • Marketing: Master the latest marketing concepts specific to the sports industry, as well as the sports products and consumer markets.

  • Communication: Focus on communication principles vital to success in sports, while sharpening your oral and written communication skills.

  • Budget and Finance: Analyze financial principles and methods, everything from budgets to the larger economic forces that impact the sports business.

  • Legal Aspects: With a solid grounding in the legal concepts touching on Sport management, you will be ready to anticipate, avoid, and resolve issues and conflicts.

  • Economics: Study the fundamental economic principles that drive the sports industry, and how they are shaped by external influences.

  • Governance: Understand the agencies that govern sports––their authority, organizational structure, and functions.

Along with this comprehensive core, you will select from a variety of electives to create a specialization in particular area of study, such as management, anatomy and health, coaching, or psychology.