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Statistics Research Opportunities & Collaborations

Morris is the only small liberal arts college in Minnesota—and one of the few across the country—that offers a statistics major.

The University of Minnesota, Morris statistics discipline regularly incorporates academic research as part of a well rounded undergraduate experience at Morris. While on campus, statistics majors have the opportunity to participate in:

Many students participate in established research opportunities that are offered both on campus and off campus, through local and national agencies.

Every statistics major also participates in a senior seminar that integrates the student's statistical knowledge into a single year-long project and presentation. Over the course of the year, students will meet regularly with their adviser to create a project focused on applied statistics or statistical theory. But the project also allows student to demonstrate skills in writing, critical thinking, and public speaking.

Selected Examples of Student/Faculty Collaborations


Seokkun Chang, Project Title: Extreme Values, Quantile Estimation, and Value at Risk


Andrew Wey, Project Title: Gene Network using Vine Copula

Rui Ding, Poster Presentation at the 2009 Undergraduate Research Symposium, April 17, 2009 and 2009 IBS ENAR Meeting, San Antonio, Texas, March 15, 2009