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Audition Information



Audition Schedule - 2020

    • Tuesday, August 18, 2:00-5:30 p.m.
    • First Class/Rehearsal - Friday, August 21, 3:30-5:20 p.m.



  • First year students
  • Students that have not played in a UMN Morris ensemble before

Existing students are not required to audition but should make sure they are registered to ensure a place in an ensemble.

General Information

Admission into MUS 1300 Symphonic Winds and all other instrumental chamber ensembles is determined through an informal audition process that takes place at the beginning of the Fall Semester.* All students who have experience performing in a wind band or chamber ensemble, regardless of their major, are encouraged to audition.

Morris has a long tradition of serving players from many different musical backgrounds. Students in our ensembles typically have a wide range of ability and experiences, including those that have never performed an audition until entering university. We aim to accommodate all students and will endeavor to ensure that auditions take place in an informal and friendly atmosphere.

Each audition is approximately seven minutes in length and takes place in HFA 180. The director will ask some introductory "get-to-know-you" questions, listen to you perform and give you a short piece to sight-read.

If a student feels unable to attend an audition in person due to health concerns they may submit an audio or video performance by email to Professor Simon Tillier no later than Tuesday August 18.

*New students can register for MUS 1300 Symphonic Winds at any time but their place in the ensemble will only be confirmed upon completion of a satisfactory audition. Chamber groups require a permission number from the instructor to register.

Scheduling an Audition

To sign-up for an audition you should put your name on the appropriate sheet posted outside HFA 180. Students are encouraged to reserve their preferred time as soon as possible.

Audition Requirements

Students are asked to select TWO short excerpts from the music provided below, except where only one is given. Students can also choose to perform one piece of their own choice instead of one of the given excerpts. For percussionists, the two excerpts should be on different instruments (snare drum and timpani, timpani and mallets, or snare drum and mallets.)

Use of School Instruments

The Music Discipline maintains a number of instruments for use by students. This is especially useful for performers of the larger (or more expensive) instruments such as tuba, euphonium, and bassoon. However, it is also a resource to players who relied on school-owned instruments while in high school.

Students who need an instrument for auditions should contact Professor Simon Tillier as soon as possible. An instrument will be provided for the audition, and then permanently checked-out to those students selected to participate in an ensemble. (Note: Students who need to use a school instrument are encouraged to sign-up for one of the later audition appointments in order to have as much practice time as possible on their new instrument.)