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Theatre Facilities

"I really felt welcomed at Morris...and I loved the facilities!"—Dustin Engstrom '01

From a classic proscenium designed by the creator of the Guthrie to an experimental space for innovation and improvisation, the University of Minnesota, Morris provides performing spaces and technical shops to meet all the artistic needs and goals of students and faculty.

Raymond J. Lammers Proscenium Theatre

The Raymond J. Lammers Proscenium Theatre, built in 1973, was designed by Ralph Rapson, famed for his design of the original Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis. It seats 346 people and features a large stage with a light and sound booth, 31-set fly system, orchestra pit, trapdoor, side stages, and a spiral staircase going up to a "Juliet balcony." This space is used for both performances and classes.

  • Three adults standing onstage in an empty theatre
  • A fly system
  • An empty theatre with red seats
  • Three men standing onstage in the foreground, a young woman in the background

Black Box Theatre

The Black Box Theatre is a perfect space for more experimental and intimate theatre. It has flexible seating for up to 175 people. This space is used for both performances and classes.

  • A black room with multicolored theatre seating
  • A young man and a young woman reading from scripts
  • A light board
  • A barn set in a dimly lit theatre
  • A group of men standing in a barn set and looking down at a young woman on the ground

Theatre Scene Shop

The scene shop is used to build sets for discipline productions. Features of this space include a large paint rack, plenty of windows for natural lighting, and prop and furniture storage that can be made available for students doing scene work. The scene shop employs workstudy eligible students; in addition, participants from various theatre arts classes may work in the shop to fulfill practicum requirements. This space is also used for some classes, such as scene painting.

  • A work bench in a utilitarian room
  • A paint rack in a utilitarian room
  • A room filled with theatre props

Theatre Costume Shop

The costume shop builds costumes, often designed by students, for discipline productions. It is well-equipped and well-stocked with costumes from various historical periods, the modern era, and fantasy creations. It features large costume storage areas, dressing rooms, and a makeup area. The costume shop employs students who are eligible for workstudy jobs as well as Morris Student Administrative Fellow (MSAF) interns.

  • A young woman bent over a sewing table
  • A young man sitting at a sewing machine as a woman looks over his shoulder
  • A row of boots on a shelf
  • A young woman sewing at a sewing machine
  • Costumes hanging on a rack
  • Suits hanging on a rack

Theatre Publicity Office

The publicity office produces materials for discipline productions. It features two computers with InDesign and Photoshop for student workers to create posters, programs, and tickets. The publicity office employs students who are eligible for workstudy jobs as well as Morris Student Administrative Fellow (MSAF) interns.

  • A young man working at a computer
  • A young man and woman looking at a poster

Rehearsal Hall

The Rehearsal Hall primarily functions as a classroom for both theatre arts and dance. It features a wall of mirrors, ample natural lighting, and a space built specifically to be comparable to the size of both the Proscenium and Black Box stages. This space is also made available to theatre arts and dance students to rehearse outside of class.

  • A group of four young women dancing in front of a mirror
  • Three actors seated a table with a director standing to the side
  • A group of four young women dancing

Green Room

The Green Room is an open, natural-lit space located adjacent to the Proscenium Theatre. In addition to being a haven for actors waiting to go onstage, it is the office location for faculty in theatre arts, communications, media & rhetoric, and art history, making it a popular spot for meet-ups and social gatherings.

  • Five students sitting on couches as seen from above
  • Five students sitting on couches