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Theatre Workshops

  • A young man staring at a raven
  • A chorus dancing on a brightly lit stage
  • A young man looking at another young man holding a martini glass
  • A group of actors dressed in fairytale costumes and standing onstage
  • A young man and a young woman onstage in bright costumes
  • Young men in business suits onstage
  • A group of men standing in a barn set and looking down at a young woman on the ground
  • A group of seated actors staring offstage
  • Two young men in Renaissance costumes; one is flipping over the others back
  • A smiling young man sitting in a bathtub as dancers move around him
  • A young woman with her hands raised over her head victoriously
  • A group of young men and women in elegant Victorian costumes
  • Two young men in bright costumes throwing a beach ball as a young woman dressed as a fish looks on

Success after Morris

The Theatre Arts Discipline offers a range of workshops each semester. These workshops help students hone their skills and teach them to create and maintain careers after college.

Sign up on the Humanities Fine Arts (HFA) theatre callboard to attend.


Scott Dixon—The Writer’s Sandbox

Mike Speck—That’s Two of His Weapons

Brendan Brand ’04—Auditioning for Film and TV

Sara Pillatzki-Warzeha—Creating Commedia