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Philosophy & the LSAT

Average LSAT Scores for 29 Majors w/ over 400 Students Taking the Exam

2003 rankings1994 rankings1991 rankings
MajorAvg. ScoreMajorAvg. ScoreMajorAvg. Score
1. Physics/ Math158.91. Physics/ Math157.61. Physics/ Math157.2
2. Philosophy/ Religion157.42. Philosophy/ Religion1562. Philosophy/ Religion155.9
3. Economics156.63. Economics155.33. Economics155.7
4. Government/ Service155.54. International Relations155.14. Anthropology/ Geography155.1
5. Engineering155.45. Chemistry154.55. International Relations154.9
6. Anthropology/ Geography155.26. Government/ Service154.46. Engineering154.7
7. International Relations155.17. Anthropology/ Geography154.17. Chemistry154.7
8. History1558. History1548. Government/ Service154.4
9. Computer Science154.89. English153.79. History154.4
10. Chemistry154.510. Biology153.610. English153.9
11. English154.511. Other Social Science153.211. Other Social Science153.9
12. Biology154.412. Engineering152.712. Biology153.5
13. Arts150.913. Foreign Languages152.513. Finance153.1
14. Foriegn Languages15414. Finance152.214. Accounting152.6
15. Finance152.615. Computer Science152.215. Foreign Languages152.3
16. Political Science152.116. Psychology151.916. Computer Science152.2
17. Psychology152.117. Accounting151.817. Psychology152
18. Accounting151.118. Political Science151.618. Political Science151.8
19. Sociology/ Social work151.119. Communcation/ Arts150.719. Communcation/ Arts150.8
20. Journalism/ communication150.920. Marketing/ Real Estate15020. Marketing/ Real Estate150.4
21. Health Profession150.421. Liberal Arts149.821. Management149.9
22. Marketing/ Real Estate150.222. Management149.422. Bus. Administration149.6
23. Liberal Arts149.923. Sociology/ Social work149.323. Liberal Arts149.5
24. Management149.724. Bus. Administration148.624. Sociology/ Social work149.2
25. Bus. Administration149.625. Health Profession148.625. Education148.7
26. Education148.926. Education148.226. Health Profession148.5
27. No major given148.127. No major given147.627. Prelaw147.9
28. Prelaw147.428. Prelaw147.328. Crimnology145.9
29. Criminology145.129. Criminology145.829. No major given145.5
Weighted mean152.2Weighted mean151.6Weighted mean151.9

Source for 2003–04 data: Nieswiadomy, Michael, “LSAT Scores of Economics Majors: The 2003–2004 Class Update,” Journal of Economic Education (Spring 2006): 244–247.
Source for 1991–92 & 1993–94 data: Nieswiadomy, Michael, “LSAT Scores of Economics Majors,” Journal of Economic Education (Fall 1998): 377-379.