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The drawing program is for students seeking a focused course of study in the two dimensional discipline of drawing. Introductory courses introduce varied techniques and provide a foundation for exploration.  Upper level work focuses on development of concept and personal direction.

  • Students work with a variety of media, studying basic color theory, materials and techniques
  • The range of sources and materials provided lead to an expanded definition of drawing
  • Attention is given to understanding current issues in drawing as well as traditional and contemporary approaches
  • Advanced students develop a personal creative direction

Courses include:

  • Introductory course for non-majors or beginning drawers
  • Basic studio courses emphasizing line, form, and spatial representation
  • 'Drawing from Life' courses focusing on basic and individualized approaches to the human form
  • Advanced courses offering increased opportunities for experimentation, self-direction, and the development of skills

More details are available in the course catalog