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The painting program at the University of Minnesota, Morris incorporates contemporary and traditional approaches, allowing students to master basic skills and techniques while participating in individual and class discussions of assigned problems.

The beginning painting courses are designed to:

  • Strengthen awareness of history and techniques
  • Expose the student to contemporary styles and ideas
  • Aid in the development of technical and observational skills

The student will concentrate on the essential elements of painting, its materials, methods and craft. The structure of this course focuses on a series of exercises that will prepare the student for higher levels of problem solving, increase their self-discipline, and develop an understanding of the articulation of brushwork, composition and color integration of drawing and design skills with basic painting studio practices.

The advanced painting courses are designed to:

  • Facilitate self-discovery
  • Develop a personal direction
  • Encourage rigorous and sustained experimentation

Semesters of advanced coursework will move students towards the creation of a coherent and cultivated series of paintings.

Advanced students are encouraged to:

  • Study one or more additional media in studio arts;
  • Enroll in independent study to experiment with mixed media or research other contemporary methods of painting.

Facilities and adittional opportunities:

Media studies classes are available involving exploration of and practice in various contemporary methods in painting, including application of drawing skills, color, composition, personal expression, and alternative painting techniques.

The painting studio is housed in room 130 on the first floor of the Humanities Fine Arts Building and consists of a large classroom/studio with an abundance of natural light and artificial light. 

Equipment provided to student enrolled in a painting class include an easel and tabora, locker space, and ample storage including vertical slots for finished paintings and works in progress.

Facilities are equipped for oil painting through the use of a fire safety cabinet along with other receptacles to dispose of hazardous materials.

All waterbased paints and acrylics are also easily used and disposed of in the studio. 

The studio is also equipped with a fair amount of hand tools and a Makita chop saw to provide support to students who build their painting stretchers.

Nails, screws, staples and staple guns are also provided for classes.

More details are available in the course catalog