American Indian Studies Career and Graduate Opportunities

  • UMM Students

History in the making. Because of its unique history, Morris is a great place to pursue American Indian Studies.

A degree in American Indian Studies provides a unique and unequalled credential for working with issues of import to the American Indian community and other communities of Indigenous peoples. This can lead to many fulfilling career possibilities:

  • Research
  • Government
  • Work with issue-based or advocacy organizations
  • Fine arts, curatorial, or museum fields
  • Teaching
  • Many more

The American Indian Studies major incorporates the core values and competencies of all liberal arts degrees; because of that, Morris alumni have communications and critical skills that are valued by employers in almost all sectors of the marketplace.

Additionally, the American Indian Studies major can lead to an academic career. One option is advanced study of American Indian Studies in master’s or doctoral programs; another option is that students can opt to shift their focus toward related fields, or combine interests in a graduate program.